A few words

This is it. This is it. The project I've been talking about for a while is finally unveiling to you. The video I uploaded is the beginning of a long series of artistic videos. Therefore, you will not read the story all at once but gradually just like a book. I've been dying to write this post and now that I am in front of my notebook, words are weirdly hard to find. I don't really know what to say because I can't wrap my head around the fact that this is it. All I know is that I put all my heart in it and you are finally going to see it.

Everything. Every week, you will see a part of a life that is or once was.

One thing If there is one thing that I need, it is to make sure that you feel the emotions I want you to feel when watching my work I need you to share your thoughts about these videos or about yourself. Share your emotions and sensations. Share the way my work resonates with you, the way it affects you if it does. Share what you understand or what you ask yourself. The word …

V. I'm a poet.

The Way

I Water will remind you how to follow the tide of your emotions, this sweet music
(the one the river plays) will remind you how to paint.
As the current lets go of resistance and fear, be inspired by its fluidity and acceptance.

II Within yourself is the space where shines the light you are seeking so look carefully with your open heart and let it envigorate you as you will hear the words to find peace, fulfilment, connection, forgiveness, acceptance, healing, strength, inspiration, clarity. and love

Earth, Nature, Water, Sky and Me
Mother Earth, thank you for grounding me, I found the Roots.
Mother Nature, thank you for your vulnerability the Wilderness of my soul.
I followed the tide of my feelings. and found Clarity.
Art elevates me among the skies. I painted. Thank you for the Inspiration.

Last but not least, I thank myself for still using the paintbrushes and the pens in such a passionate and dedicated way.

This is the last part of the Mother art and poetry series. I really hope you enjoyed it. I a…

IV. Art is an elevation

Art is an elevation for the ones who see the most exquisite everywhere.
I often find myself travelling to the most exotic lands where the fruits have the sweetest juice and the most delightful taste.
The lands are fertile enough to grow the flowers flowers that smell like a fiery passion The reds, the golds and the pinks are so vivid, it is as if they are bursting out of the dark (out of the dark jungle) in order to flourish and I only have eyes for them.
Art is an elevation. As he said, Even out of dirt, we'll make gold. And that's exactly how it is.
-I am sincerely thankful that Art elevates me too.-

Cadmium Red (M) xx

III. The ocean of my hair

At times,
my mind gets lost
in the ocean of my hair,
"Bite into them and you'll remember everything".

The element of water is the third part of the series.

Cadmium Red (M) xx

II. Exotic Jungle

When I looked carefully,
I could see the roots I grew up from.
They leaded to the plants and flowers
I never expected to bloom so passionately
-the jungle I created is a detailed and wild masterpiece-

I painted this, before, years ago, when I felt stuck and scared of my own and couldn't bear the fact that :

My head is a jungle

Now, there is no place I would rather be than in my own
mind or soul.
I'm glad I found my way back although I had tried to hide it so thoroughly.

"The plants I draw always have roots because I don't want to deny what they've been through anymore."

Mother Nature is the second part of the series.

Cadmium Red (M) xx

Birth (365 after and exciting news!)

The 27th of July 2018.
Today, my blog celebrates its first birthday, 365 days after the creation of the blog and my first post which I can still relate too : Summertime happiness. My heart needed somewhere to free my thoughts and emotions, from taking the space necessary to breathe I needed a place to create without boundaries
because my soul was and still is red
(so is my heart) and the blog was born.
The 27th of July 2017 corresponds to the beginning of a journey I never thought I would be on. yet I am so thankful for its existence and wouldn’t change its colour for anything.
I am forever grateful For the inspiration that breathes in me, The incandescent passion that fills me, When I see art, love or life -everywhere-
I am thankful for the support that you gave me, Throughout the year, You have inspired me and motivated me By sending your gentle love. Thank you for helping me Grow as an artist,
This is the beginning of our journey Through Love, Life, And art. Thank you.
As you may have realised I took a break fo…

I. Earth

I saw myself grounded onto Earth,
lying on the hard ground.I saw the burning colour, spreading out of my chest like a wildfire.Alive, I am painting with so much passion and lust that I am
burning red
I feel it here,

I feel it now,shivers down my spine,
goosebumps on my arms,heavy breath,
lust and inspirationit's like thinking about the moment just before a touch,a connection, an embraceafter the desperate need to be close to myself, Roots are growing out of my body and bury into the ground.


Love, Cadmium Red (M) xx

I. Wildfire


I found it one day, Caught into a vision, visualization of the whole, yet
Sometimes I hide things, and then I forget where they are.  Maybe I don’t hide them, but I lose sight of them anyway.

Do you know how it is to be true? Oh I forgot, I forget, I don’t know.
But why, oh why did it so vividly appear, So intensely clear Yet so suddenly disappeared
I thought I had it on hold and oh my, I wish you knew how beautiful it was. It was my very best achievement.
Since the new breath I’ve taken, I felt the urge to paint with the heart, the need to paint with my soul.

I tried to picture the burning colour, spreading out of my chest like a Wildfire. I wish it was not only a memory, not only a vision, but then I feel it again, only when I'm painting, only when I'm alive.

And here I found it again.

I. A painting story

As my last post was about my first actual pieces of art, I thought it was only fair to tell you about my “painting journey”. This is a long and deep post so I suggest you should make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of tea and enjoy the read. As always, don’t be afraid to let me know of what you thought about this post!
To me, every moment of inspiration, every artistic block had had a deep significance. It was either the beginning of an epiphany or some sort of disconnection. I just feel so connected to my art that it has kind of shaped itself around my life if that makes sense. I’ve never been sad when I was inspired.

This is my artistic journey.

I threw it all away...

Let’s go back to 2010. Now if you have read my last post, you’ll think “wait...wasn’t it 2015?” but let me explain! So from 2010 to 2015, I was in secondary school and I used to draw every night. I used to draw my thoughts on paper. I drew on paper because I knew I would throw it all away. And I was right. I was terrified…


I thought about how I craved feelings, impressions, real intuitions.
This is the first time I drew something. Spring 2015. Vibrant colours I found in me, revigorate the broken, clean the soul.
I remember discovering art for the first time while it was dark outside, I grabbed that light blue sketchbook and began to draw. I didn't know what I was doing, I knew what I was doing so well. It was like a long night drive. a way of healing wounds. And I followed it ever since then. I could feel the faint smell of the pastels and the burning too. 

                         This                                       is                                             my most precious work,
evidence of the self.

Welcome to the first post of Earth (first part of the Mother theme) , a series in which I explore the depth of my inner self again through art. Through art, I try to walk back to the self that paints and burns in yellow, brown, orange and red colour. To feelings, body, and touch again. Warmth and…

ORIGINS - Part two

This is ORIGINS,
a poem I found the need to read at loud,
even though you might have read it.
You never heard it from the heart that sang it.
Nor saw it through the soul that gave it life.

This is a poem I wrote to express the idea of the need to go back to our element, somewhere that feels safe.My element is art, I love painting, it makes me feel grounded and happy. I get inspired by life and nature.  I feel myself when I paint, I feel like I'm truly connected to myself and my surroundings when I paint. I feel my body, my soul and my mind which is why it is so special to me, it can be so rewarding and refreshing.If you have one, what's your element?(Check out the last post illustrated by Evana here)

ORIGINS - Part 1 - a collaboration

Dear Mother,

From the beginning, I knew the embrace between your arms shall be the place I call home. You cupped my hands and joined them to where it beats along the rhythm of life. You reunited the words that I keep on whispering every night : Love, Life and Art.

Mama, some trees caught fire. I felt like I needed to go back to my roots, I needed to go back to the place I was born in as if something was missing. Like a baby, I’m running back to you, feeling disconnected, lost – and exhausted.

You are the sun, pouring warmth and light. You energise me for your love remains the same : Strong, Patient and Tender. And you are the moon, you are watching me from above, among the stars always inspiring me.

Going back to my element is like going back to the place I know I’m safe, a place of love, serendipity and inspiration.

Back to my nature of origin, I learn all about feeling and touch again. A perception from the heart. 
I am reborn.


This is the beginning of a new art series I called MOTHE…