I. Wildfire


I found it one day,
Caught into a vision, visualization of the whole, yet

Sometimes I hide things, and then I forget where they are. 
Maybe I don’t hide them, but I lose sight of them anyway.

Do you know how it is to be true?
Oh I forgot, I forget, I don’t know.

But why, oh why did it so vividly appear,
So intensely clear
Yet so suddenly disappeared

I thought I had it on hold and oh my,
I wish you knew how beautiful it was.
It was my very best achievement.

Since the new breath I’ve taken,
I felt the urge to paint with the heart,
the need to paint with my soul.

I tried to picture the burning colour,
spreading out of my chest like a Wildfire.
I wish it was not only a memory,
not only a vision,
but then I feel it again, only when I'm painting,
only when I'm alive.

And here I found it again.

Cadmium red (M) xx