I thought about how I craved feelings, impressions, real intuitions.

This is the first time I drew something. Spring 2015. Vibrant colours I found in me, revigorate the broken, clean the soul.

I remember discovering art for the first time while it was dark outside, I grabbed that light blue sketchbook and began to draw. I didn't know what I was doing, I knew what I was doing so well. It was like a long night drive. a way of healing wounds. And I followed it ever since then. I could feel the faint smell of the pastels and the burning too. 

                                            my most precious work,

                                                   evidence of the self.

Let it be
I made a wish


Welcome to the first post of Earth (first part of the Mother theme) , a series in which I explore the depth of my inner self again through art. Through art, I try to walk back to the self that paints and burns in yellow, brown, orange and red colour. To feelings, body, and touch again. Warmth and love. I thought it wouldn't made sense if I started these series with something else that the work it all started with.

Mother gives birth.
Mother gives love.

Love, M xx