ORIGINS - Part 1 - a collaboration

Dear Mother,

From the beginning, I knew the embrace between your arms shall be the place I call home. You cupped my hands and joined them to where it beats along the rhythm of life. You reunited the words that I keep on whispering every night : Love, Life and Art.

Mama, some trees caught fire.
I felt like I needed to go back to my roots, I needed to go back to the place I was born in as if something was missing.
Like a baby, I’m running back to you, feeling disconnected, lost – and exhausted.

You are the sun, pouring warmth and light. You energise me for your love remains the same : Strong, Patient and Tender. And you are the moon, you are watching me from above, among the stars always inspiring me.

Going back to my element is like going back to the place I know I’m safe, a place of love, serendipity and inspiration.

Back to my nature of origin, I learn all about feeling and touch again. A perception from the heart. 
I am reborn.


This is the beginning of a new art series I called MOTHER, evolving around the idea of the element. 

Everyone has an element that makes us feel grounded when we’re disconnected from ourselves, fulfilled when we lost inspiration. 
The element is our identity, where we belong, a vocation. 
The element can be anything : it can be painting (aka my element!!), cooking, running or even surfing! Some might have not found it yet, but it’s okay, because everyone has one. 

The title "MOTHER" makes reference to this unconditionnal transmission of love between the Mother and her Child.

Thank you Evana for illustrating this post with your beautiful art! Evana is one of the most talented and inspiring artist I know. Check out her website (here) and instagram (here).

M xx