Soir de Lune - an artwork's backstory -

This is a paper collage made of cut out magazines and dried orchid. I made it a while ago but I just found the video I made for it and forgot to post so that's why!

However, looking back at the original post I published, I realised that I haven't talked about it at all, so here is the story behind this piece :)

Do you feel disoriented too? Don’t you feel the same motion sickness of the mirage that happened? I did, it was beautiful but I almost fell.

A very exotic mirage.
She was mysterious and dazzling... Like an orchid.

 I drew this reflection of the woman on her left, representing a sort of ethereal apparition. Through it all, I wanted to express the lightness of a dream, the ephemeral movement like an enchanting vision.

The different purple tones are revealing purity, a lightness that I only remembered as being in my dreams. 
Soir de Lune is a work that I made in order to tell a sweet dreamlike escape.