New breath

Nouveau souffle (New breath)

Nouveau souffle

Près de la mer, je regarde ma propre réflexion,
En moi, je sens que l’air froid,
Que je m’apprête à inspirer,
est le nouveau souffle que porte le mot « liberté ».

New breath

By the sea, I am looking at my own reflection,
Under my skin, right within me, I know
the cold air I’m about to inhale,

Is the new breath carried by the word “freedom”.


This is a watercolour painting I did on paper a while ago. Looking at it now, I just made this little poem that I thought would go with it.

"Le nouveau souffle" is a french expression that for me symbolizes the feeling of freedom, refreshment and life after a new start.
To give a new breath to something is to give it life again.


I did the watercolour painting with light and neutral colours, my aim was to convey a sensation of freedom, of freshness and lightness. The painting had to be related with the sea and the cold wind which is why I decided to draw fine lines in the hair so that it shows the movement of it.

I wrote the poem in english and then in french so that you see how it sounds in the other language. I had to change some words to make it sound better in french.