Follow me to London and Cambridge - Travel with me #2

Over the past few months, I’ve felt a bit uninspired, I still created but I didn’t feel “in the zone” at all. I believe that it was because my mind was into school and not “creative mode”. I’ve been (and still am) having so many exams that I couldn’t think properly. This trip to England was for me the perfect occasion to switch off and unwind.


Some of you may know that I’ve already been to Cambridge and London before because I made another travel vlog and travel diary of a while ago (here and there). Yet, I haven’t really talked about the trip itself. So this is what I’m going to do now.
England is one of those places that feel like a home away from home. I love it because of the people, the diversity of landscapes that somehow always feel familiar to me and of course tea and food. Basically everything??
But let me tell you how our trip went from the beginning before I get carried away!

We flew to London Stansted on the 21st of February, we arrived at around midday and had a little walk in town. We didn’t do that much because we were really tired because of the flight.
Then, on the second day, I visited Cambridge on my own. The weather was chilly, the sky grey yet I felt so warm and excited! I had one of the best days in my life! I’ve been really mindful, I enjoyed this time for myself so much that I remember so many details from this day, the smell of the tea I poured into my china cup, the music of a passionate street musician, the silence I heard in the museums, sitting on a bench in a park next to the Mathematical bridge…

On day 3, we went to London. We visited some art galleries such as the Guidhall art gallery and Tate Modern. Someone was selling caramelised almonds on Millennial bridge, they smelled so nice I had to get some! St Paul Cathedral was way more impressive than in my memories, it’s huge and extremely detailed. Then, we went on a rooftop in a shopping centre, we took the lift to the 3rd floor. It was very quiet inside, everyone was taking pictures of St Paul Cathedral. However, as we got up to the rooftop, there was a band playing “Tropical House music” it was so disorientating and funny! Anyway, the view was absolutely stunning. It was very foggy and windy up there.

On day 4, we went back to Cambridge, this time, I wasn’t on my own. We mostly did shopping and then we ate in a pub.

Then, we just spent our last day of our detoxifying trip to the UK travelling back to France!

Watch the little video I made of the trip!!

M xx