Weekend creations


Since school has started, this is what my days have been like ! I find it really hard to create with all the homeworks we have, all the exams, walking to the underground to get home, taking the underground, taking the the bus then driving home and blablablah...

I'm struggling to find the time to create, to experiment some new techniques, to write new posts weekly. But I feel so grateful that I'm inspired that creating has become a way for me to show that I'm thankful and that I'm taking care of myself as well. I feel so happy that I still create and the more I create, the happier I feel ! If you're in this situation, if you feel like you don't have time to do what you want to do, please find time for yourself even though it's so hard, it's so important.

So, I just wanted to share with you an overview of what I have made this weekend, some experimentations and work in progress that I've done! :)

Oh I love poetry so much! I am currently working on improving my english vocabulary so that I can express my feelings better. So, I've been writing poetry a lot lately and I will try to post more of it !

I've been sketching constantly these days, it helps me to see clearer, to sort things out and to relax as well. I've been drawing on receipts, on my work, on magazines -basically everywhere- I guess that's because I don't have the time to draw a lot at home!

I honestly have no idea how this came out to me haha! I just grabbed some wool, some toothpicks, some barbecue skewers and I've made it! I've never done this before but I really enjoyed it! So, I will definitely do more of it!

I had my first very own camera on my sixteenth birthday and I've been improving a lot since then which makes me so happy! I've been working on some really exciting projects so keep your eyes peeled on my blog for that!!! ;)

I've been making a lot of collages, both digital and paper . I can't show them to you now because it will give away my future posts but I promise you'll see them soon! So for now, here's the mess the paper collages made in my bedroom! I've been practicing to get better at digital collages because I'm still not used to it!

What about you, have you been very creative lately?

Cadmium red (M) xx