Leaves turn deeper tones ; berry red, burnt umber, pumpkin orange then golden yellow just before they fall and get blown away slowly by the brisk wind.
I admire the way they perfectly spread all over the floor for us to walk on and the sound they make when we walk on them.
Autumn is for me the most elegant season of them all.
I’m inspired by the crisp morning air and the unexpected weather.
To me, Autumn smells like woodfires, rainy days and chill mornings. A raw, woody and fresh fragrance that lingers in your nostrils.

I’m excited for evening baths, burning marshmallows, warm drinks, pumpkins, red apples, running in the forest, autumn candles, cosy blankets, wearing scarves and boots and taking pictures.

My favorite season is officially here and I'm so happy about it! These are some of the reasons why I love it so much, what are yours?


  1. As a person whose favourite season is summer, autumn usually has a negative connotation because it declares the end of sunshine and beginning or a cold dark winter (which I'm REALLY not a fan of!) but there is some beauty in autumn and it's mostly rooted in nature - the leaves changing colour is one of the most beautiful sights ever I have to agree with you on that one haha! <3

    1. Oh, that's true! :) Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons because it's that time of the year when we can get cosy and wear jumpers and celebrate! Yes, I totally agree with you haha ! <3<3<3


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