écume sur mes souvenirs - an art series

Ecume sur mes souvenirs
-french for seafoam on my memories-

These are a series of three artworks I made especially for Halcyon Girls’ second issue as Maddie kindly gave me the opportunity to be featured in it! I’ve met Maddie this summer and she's now one of my closest friend, I mentioned her on my previous post (here). Her second issue Aquamarine has just came out, you should definitely check it out (here). I feel so honoured to be featured in her issue and I can’t thank her enough for sharing my art!

Two days after she offered me to be featured in the mag, this is what I created…

écume sur mes souvenirs (no.1), by Cadmium red (M), oil painting on canvas, 65x50cm.

écume sur mes souvenirs (no.2), by Cadmium red (M), pastel drawing on paper, 65x50cm

écume sur mes souvenirs (no.3), by Cadmium red (M), watercolour on paper, 65x50cm


I really liked the theme of this issue because it allowed me to be really creative and it’s something that I knew about because of the beautiful beaches in Wales. Whenever I go there, a feeling of awe and admiration sets within me, I feel calm and aware.

Here is an excerpt from my journal / poetry corresponding to the paintings, maybe after reading this, you’ll find something new about them.

écume sur mes souvenirs.

Being underwater, everything stops, no sound,
a feeling of peace sets within me even though I know I can’t stay much longer.
I see everything through a new perspective; I admire the stillness and gracefulness of the water.
A dream, a dream, a dream, this can’t be real, it’s like looking through a white veil.
I’m in a wonderful world of ultramarine blue shapes and movement.
I see a beautiful creature further down, her skin tone is the same colour as milk,
A mythical goddess from the depths, glowing in a dark environment,
Swaying in times, the ocean is within her

I look up and the sun is pouring from above, it doesn’t look the same, the sun is broken into pieces.
I go up, following the shimmering light, rising onto the surface,

Life is still there, moving a little faster and a little louder.

I look behind my back and I see the ocean again, coming to the shore,
With an aery dress, pebbles and pastel shells,
Inviting us to follow our instincts,
She lets her beads and shells on the sand to swim
Our eyes meet and in her intimacy, I notice her sadness,
seing people taking away the place she belongs,
her home
And I feel sorry that I can’t do anything
But paint
and hope that it will make others understand that no one would want that.

The ocean is made with contrasts, the ocean is calm, the ocean is storm, immaculate yet injured.


I thought I would experiment with mediums I don’t use very often, try new techniques and do something I’ve never did before as painting someone underwater.

The first one is an oil painting on canvas, I painted it in 3 hours which is quite quick I think. I found it very difficult to paint such a complicated posture without reference, I don’t know why I did that but when I paint I don’t think of whether it’s right or not, I just feel. I left no detail and there are no refined lines, I willingly opted for this blurry, misty look.

The second one is a soft pastel drawing that I created using only vertical strokes, I’ve never tried this technique on such a big scale but I used it because it makes everything look hazy. I like that when you look very close, you can’t see anything but lines and then when you take a step back, change your perspective and look at the big picture, you see.

Then, the last one is a simple watercolour painting of a shell we had in our living room table for years and when I look at it, I like to imagine the sound of the ocean. Watercolour reminds me of the sea.

Tell me which piece is your favourite or what they make you feel, I would love to know!!!

Cadmium red (M) xx


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!
    Just inspired me to make poetry and art!

    1. Thank you so much!!! That's so sweet! <3 <3 <3

      Cadmium red (M) xx


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