Summer collages

Photographs of cut out magazines, tiny bits of paper all over the place and sticky fingers. I’ve already done so many collages, so I wanted to try something new around it, a new medium : digital collages! I was very excited to give it a try last week end (plus it was way too hot to go outside !!).


The theme of these series of collages is the summer heat, creating these pieces, I was inspired by the heaviness of the sun and mostly the way our body reacts to it.
When in winter, we cover ourselves with jumpers, scarves and hoodies, I see summer as a way our body is finally able to breathe and free itself from everything. I tried in these collages to capture the beauty and the sensuality that comes with this season of sweaty and tired bodies.


To be honest, I’m quite happy with the way they look! I'm glad that I've tried this new technique, I will definitly create more of digital collages even though I still prefer the "traditional paper collages" for the material. I find this technique very interesting because you can find any images you want with the Internet which allows so much creativity but at the same time paper collages force you to be creative with the bits and pieces you find in magazines.

I was a bit worried before posting these collages as I was wondering whether or not, posting collages of people's photographs was okay in terms of copyright. So I’ve asked a few collages artists and they told me that it was fine because those collages are made from other people’s art, but putting them in another context and using imagination to create combinations is making them mine. Collage is the art of stealing art and making it yours.

Tell me which one is your favourite, I would love to know!! ;)

M xx.