Snapshots of July - a photo diary

August is here.
Now I haven’t seen that coming and that’s a bit frustrating as I’m sitting here, wondering where has the time gone or how did he slipped away so fast. That scenario happens all the time. No matter how hard I tried to be mindful when doing things that I love, time just seemed to slip away so quickly. But I believe that's actually a good thing, I am just enjoying this time so much that I want it to last a bit longer.
So I thought to myself, “What if I COULD actually stop time for a sec? I just need to press that pause button…”... and that’s how this idea came out to me… that button is called photography.

I can’t believe I haven’t thought about it earlier because that’s actually one of the main reasons why I love photography so much because you can literally capture a moment in time and still enjoy it in the future. You can capture a moment of your life that you will never get back and that sounds pretty impossible. (Plus, you can be super creative with it!)

Photography helps me to be mindful and to cherish my summer memories.

So these are 10 of my snapshots of July, I hope you’ll like them! ;)

Picnic at the beach, facing the sea, facing the mountains.

Walking on a beach of stones, I kept a small one as a souvenir :)

Listening to the sound of the sea, focusing on each wave, coming to my feet

Photoshoots with one of my best friend on a burning hot day...

I love the texture of these leaves, they are so soft and they look so pretty so I just had to take a picture of them!

Hot days

Behind the scenes of my blog, the sunset made my bedroom look so nice and gold!

Chill and stormy evenings
What's your favorite thing about photography?

M xx