It’s probably around 37°C and we’re outside, blurry visions of tired and sweaty bodies, lying under the sun, blurry visions of  a bright spot in the sky and melting silhouettes ...

I need to remember this summer, I need to create something before I melt into a puddle and see my ideas floating away in front of me.

Meet my best friend, she’s so good at photography, she’s incredibly intelligent and funny, plus she’s also really good at modelling!! I absolutely love to take pictures with her, whenever we see each other, we always have our little “photoshoot” sessions. I love her so much!!

With these pictures, I tried to transmit the tiredness and laziness under the blazing sun, the way our body takes over our mind and does whatever it wants, carefree of whether it looks good or not. I also tried to capture the way our vision gets hazy when there's a heat wave. I needed to remember how good it felt to be in this state of self so I took those photographs, with my best friend as a model.

Cadmium red.


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