Summertime happiness

The sky from under the trees - photograph taken by myself
Exams, unbearable heat,
Drops of sweat running down our skin
But our hands feel too heavy to wipe them out,
For the heat is too heavy for us to move
And we’re too tired to do anything.

Summer never used to be a season I was looking for but somehow,
I never enjoyed this time of the year as much as I do now…

Summer became the season to be allowed to be lazy and selfish,
The heat makes us want to sit all day and do nothing but read a book
About someone, in the United States who decides to quit his job,
To travel and finds himself the need to live in the wild.

Summer became to me the season of connections.
When I listen to my instincts, when I travel, or paint,
I feel connected with myself.

In July, mercury goes higher than before.
The heat waves are becoming more intense, we feel the need to free our body from suffocation, for it sweats everything we’ve been through, melting like a burning candle.
Then, once the heat outside makes one with our body and intuition takes over our mind,
that’s when I feel connected to my body and my surroundings.

The sun sets later in the evening and the atmosphere cools down, for us to be mindful and talk outside for hours with our friends until it’s pitch black outside.
I feel connected with others.

To me, summer became light orange with a dash of gold, apricot colour.

What colour do you think summer is and why?

M xx